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PLURAL! So much magic manifested this month so fast, for the first time ever I had to update my Virtual Vision Board mid-month!
Each month I create a Digital Dream Board to help focus my energy and set clear intentions for the month! Dream/Vision boards are powerful manifestation tools! I save the image as my wallpaper on my laptop and background of my phone so I am constantly reminded of the goals I am working towards!
So when many of my dreams for the month immediately came true, I had to update my manifestation goals! Read more about it in this month’s GlitterBomb newsletter.

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A Journey to Self-Love”

*Book now available for pre-order!*

“GlitterBomb: A Journey to Self-Love” is a stress-relief guide to flip the feelings of fear and overwhelm into sources of peace, gratitude, and joy.

Would you like to:

  • Stress Less
  • Create joy amid overwhelm
  • Disrupt cycles of self-sabotage
  • Learn healthy ways to cope and overcome anxiety
  • Identify areas of life where you are least satisfied and acquire strategies to improve feelings of happiness
  • Learn to change thoughts, behaviors and actions to match your true desires

Life can be magic and messy all at the same time.  Learn how to start changing old thought patterns and habits by replacing self-sabotaging behaviors with new, fun, happiness-producing thoughts and actions.

GlitterBomb is a movement.  Join the journey to self-love by learning to choose peace and love over fear and worry.  Feel better… starting now!

Click here to pre-order the book now and receive access to VIP GlitterBomb group, freebies, and more!

Do you know what makes you happy? 

Can you imagine a life where fear and worry over an unpredictable future outcome doesn’t govern your decisions, moods, or feelings anymore? 

The process of learning to overcome old thought patterns and habits, followed by the release of stuck, stagnant energy, can catapult you into living a life of your dreams. 

The fantastic news is YOU get to decide what those dreams look like at this point in your life!  Learn to create a daily experience filled with more peace, joy, and satisfaction through the beauty of being your unique self.

GlitterBomb is a journey to self-love through understanding what are the areas of your life are most stressful and unhappy. 

Just like many participants who attend a #GlitterBombRetreat, readers will use the same ‘The Wheel of Feels’ activity to take a spin through a quick and easy self-evaluation to identify which of area of life you are feeling the least satisfied in: Love, Money, Career, Spirituality, Health, Self-Care, Love, and Friendship. (You might be surprised at your results!)

Decide what your dreams are right now, at this point in life. After reading “GlitterBomb”, you’ll be better equipped to align your everyday thoughts and actions with success and satisfaction. 

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#LeahsWritingLab is a virtual creativity club and accountability group provides a positive, encouraging container for writers and creatives to generate the inspiration, support, and action needed to make all their dreams come true!

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About Me

Leah Bomar is an author, speaker and certified Life Coach.

She is a contributing writer for ThriveGlobal.com, ElephantJournal.com, and The Natural Living Journal. She graduated from University of Louisville with a degree in English, working as a graphic designer and section editor for the campus newspaper.

Leah taught elementary art and worked as a substitute teacher for JCPS. As a SuperMom of three children, she started a local Creative Co-op for Homeschoolers and taught middle school & electives at a local cottage program. 

Through her ‘GlitterBomb’ Retreats, Dream Board Parties, and virtual creativity club #LeahsWritingLab, she connects people who are ready to rediscover their own dreams and purpose. With her coaching certification specializing in Therapeutic Art, Leah teaches clients new techniques to turn overwhelm and everyday stressors into sources of JOY.

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*As seen on… City of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s “LIFT UP LOU”!

Watch Author Leah Bomar sprinkle her energetic glitter over “Lift Up Lou” LIVE Monday, September 7th & 14th @5pm sharing
‘Mindset Tips to Cultivate
Peace and Positivity During a Pandemic’
Plus: Parenting Hacks on
How to Have FUN
While Teaching from Home   

FREE Virtual Dream Board Party Saturday, June 20, 2020

Design a Life You Desire…

It is more important to ever to DREAM and visualize the life you desire, especially during the current sometimes stressful, ever-changing current state of the world.

During this virtual class, we will discuss how designing a Dream Board during this special time of Summer Solstice can help create and manifest the kind of life and world you want to live in.

-Claiming Personal Power
-Stimulating Spiritual Growth
-Ending Cycles That No Longer Serve
-Activate the Beginning of New ‘Self’ and Collective
-Using the Sun and Light Within to Triumph Over Darkness

Read more about Dream Board Parties HERE or get the replay to the Summer Solstice Party link sent to your inbox.

Self-Love Retreat, Simpsonville, KY

Saturday, February 22- Sunday, February 23 2020

To register or view a more detailed description of the Self-Love Retreat, click here.

Saturday, February 8th 3:00-5:00pm

For more details or to reserve your spot, see event on Facebook here.

Dreams are sweet! Don’t keep just going through life on repeat like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’! #GlitterBombRetreats is hosting a FREE 2020 Dream Board creation session open to the whole family!

How often do you find yourself just going through the motions? Work, kids, sleep repeat.

If you’ve been doing the same things year after year and are ready to bring in some fresh, exciting energy into your life, come to a GlitterBomb Dream Board Party.

Add some sparkle to lackluster habits and routines that are no longer bringing you joy. Design your dream life. Create a vision for 2020 that will keep you succeeding forward with a growth mindset sure to accomplish all the things your heart desires… even the dreams you don’t even know you have yet! Anything is possible when you set clear intentions and devise an action plan to get there.

We will cover what a dream or vision board actually is (a visual representation and reminder of what you’ve decided you want will help you achieve your goals and dreams faster) and how you can use it to enhance your life.

Some supplies will be provided, but you can start cultivating words that inspire you or print out your own positive phrases. We will have a selection of magazines, glue sticks, scissors, and blank paper panels to begin building your vision board. You may also bring your own favorite pair of scissors, stickers, or poster board if desired.

Show up with the willingness to dream and leave with a plan to continue into 2020 with focus and clarity.

Event open to all ages!

Highview Ice Cream and Coffee (located next to Valu Market off Outer Loop) has a variety of ice cream flavors, coffee drinks, fresh baked cookies and pastries available for purchase before, during, and after the party.

Cost: FREE, but please RSVP here or via email because space is limited.

Saturday, February 15th 1:00-3:00pm

Tea & Me: Self-Love & Empowerment Tea Party for Girls

On Valentine’s Weekend, bring the special girl in your life to a sweet self-love celebration.

Activities in confidence building include creating a personal motto for the year, practicing positive self-talk in the mirror and in their head, plus designing personal affirmation art to remind them how awesome they are!

Let them eat cake…
Celebrate all their inner beauty surrounded by all the furnishings of a fancy time. The party room will be decked out and decorated for our darlings to enjoy an afternoon of crafting, creativity, and fun. Snacks, miniature sandwiches, sweets, and tea provided by Highview Ice Cream and Coffee.

Let’s play dress-up…
Having fun never goes out of style. Your girl can bust out her favorite Tea Party ensemble while adding some extra accessories and fun props from the #GlitterBomb dress-up station and photo booth. It’s all about having FUN! (There’s no wrong way to dress for a GlitterBomb Tea Party… Come as extravagant or comfortable as you like 😉

Love her reflection…
How often do we look in the mirror and criticize ourselves? See a passing reflection in a window or mirror and groan, avoid, or look away? Have you ever felt defeated in a dressing room? It’s time to dry up the tears of self-doubt and teach our girls how to take back their power by learning how to love their own reflection. Our daughters are exposed to extreme influence in all directions about what beauty is supposed to look like, so let’s start instilling a deep sense of self-love and appreciate at an early age.


$15 per person (Sibling Discount: $5 per each additional child)

What they get:
– Afternoon of confidence building activities and crafting.
– Drinks, snacks, and light lunch including miniature sandwiches made with love by Highview Ice Cream and Coffee.
– Take home references to continue building upon the lessons of the day so you can confidently lead, love, and empower your daughter more.

Purchase Tickets Below:

Email, text or call with any additional questions
AuthorLeahBomar@gmail.com (502) 649-4635

Every Wednesday starting February 5th-April 1st , 2020

Art Journaling for Teens

Spark creativity while exploring emotional awareness with Art Journaling!

Your teen will learn more about themselves by expressing feelings through images, words, and mixed media. Students will be taught creative ways to reduce stress and restore emotional equilibrium. They will return home with a powerful container full of tools to help process life’s more difficult experiences and transitions.

Each week, we will discuss different inspirational themes and ideas as they explore new coping mechanisms. Students will experience a soothing method of self-care via the visual language of art. Prompts will be provided to inspire self-discovery, reflection, and awareness. All supplies provided.

* Email AuthorLeahBomar@gmail.com to register or schedule a class or session at your homeschool co-op or group of any age.

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